Fic: Our Best Back Pocket Secret (Logan/Veronica) NC-17

Listen up, Marshmallows! Veronica Mars is coming back to us for a fourth season this month, and we cannot wait. Your fave noughties teenage crime solving queen, aka Kristen Bell, left our screens when the show was unjustly cancelled and fans have been calling for a revival ever since. Veronica was the leading lady of our dreams. And she had a lot of super hot boyfriends in the process. Troy was literally the worst. He was dating someone else the entire time he was with Veronica, and he tried to trick her into helping him smuggle drugs so he could run away with the cash and his other girlfriend. Of course, Veronica figured out his plan and stopped him, and then she even helped clear his name when he was falsely accused of assault a few years later. Veronica and Duncan had already broken up before the show started, but we heard enough to know that he was a trash boyfriend. We later learn that he broke up with Veronica because he thought she was his half-sister.

Here’s Every Epic Twist Logan & Veronica Mars’ Relationship Has Taken

This post contains spoilers about the entire fourth season of Veronica Mars, which dropped on Hulu today. I mean it. Still here? You sure? Okay, here we go.

Hulu’s new season of Veronica Mars includes some deep cuts and easter know where Logan is going, or what he does when he gets there. dating — until she got together with Logan Echolls and ended things with Leo.

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. As much as Veronica Mars has been about the epic love story between Veronica Kristen Bell and Logan Jason Dohring , it’s also been about the collateral damage their relationship leaves in its wake. Since we know Greenfield is back for the Veronica Mars revival , let’s relive that painful bit of the past. Veronica first met Leo in season 1, when she was still determined to find out who killed her best friend, Lilly Kane Amanda Seyfried. After knowing Greenfield as self-assured Schmidt on New Girl , it’s easy to forget that this character was so naive and endearing.

‘Veronica Mars’: 8 Must-Watch Episodes For Veronica And Logan Shippers

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Veronica’s not pleased to see him either, but does agree to help him when But good luck with that: Logan’s busy dating Hannah and manipulating her parents.

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Kristen Bell Responds to Fan ‘Heartbreak’ Over Shocking ‘Veronica Mars’ Death (Exclusive)

When news of Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival broke in September , I was as thrilled as any longtime fan. I’d watched the series in its original run. I saw the movie in the theater and helped crowdfund its production though my donation admittedly totaled less than my monthly Starbucks tab. Sure, the two subsequent novels were a little uneven, but I bought and devoured them both, because Veronica was a character I deeply love.

She’s brilliant, hilarious, brave, flawed, and hardened by multiple traumas.

He thinks maybe at some point he’ll love her, maybe he already does, he’s Patting his arm mockingly, she informs him, “You’re just lucky I’m already dating you.” Logan starts toward Veronica’s car stopping only when he realises she’s not.

We are on the cusp of one of the unlikeliest and most welcome surprises of this TV era: a second revival of the cultishly beloved Veronica Mars , which was previously resurrected as a Kickstarter-funded movie in These are the most important things to remember about Veronica Mars if you want to enjoy the new season to the fullest. Veronica has had her P. When goodhearted Deputy Sacks met with Keith Mars and revealed that he planned to testify against then-sheriff Dan Lamb brother to deceased original-series sheriff Don Lamb , a mystery driver slammed into their car and sped away.

Sacks died on the spot, and Keith ended up in the hospital. How bad was it? Bad enough that, five years later, Keith is still feeling the effects of the injury. He walks with a cane, and has been troubled by the general sense that neither his body nor his brain are sharp enough for him to function as a P. Neptune is still divided along class lines Early in season one, Veronica described Neptune as a town split between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

Though many years have passed since the events of the original series, class tensions in Neptune remain sky-high. The working-class community loathes the crowd of wealthy young partiers that pour into the town each spring break, but they also rely on the annual influx of money they provide.

Why the Ending of the New ‘Veronica Mars’ Made So Many People Mad

Like many of TV’s most popular couples of all time, Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls were not originally meant to be together. If showrunner Rob Thomas had stuck with his original plan, Veronica’s endgame or at least her primary on-off romantic relationship would have been Duncan Kane, and I think we can all agree that would have been a very, very dark timeline. But Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring’s chemistry leapt off the screen early on, and ever since the midpoint of season 1 their intense relationship has been a linchpin for the show.

Whether you ship them or not full disclosure: I have been LoVe trash for fourteen entire years and I have the teenage LiveJournal entries to prove it , Veronica and Logan’s dynamic has stood the test of time, enduring through the many iterations of Veronica Mars.

The second season of Veronica Mars, an American drama television series created by Rob Thomas explained that the Logan–Veronica–Duncan love triangle had run its course Eric Goldman of IGN wrote that the season was “​entertaining start to finish”, with season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod.

Go Pirates! The one with the balcony and the Jonathan Taylor Thomas and the kissing and the what the hell just happened? I can distinctly remember sitting on the futon couch in my post-college apartment, losing my stuff when the plucky P. It was hot. It came out of nowhere. It was — to paraphrase Veronica herself from a later episode — so wrong, it was right. And it kicked off a pairing that strapped me and every other LoVe enthusiast into a yellow Nissan Xterra headed straight to heartbreak.

I could just squee through this whole recap, but I will make an effort to channel my inner Backup and be cool — after all, the hour does feature a mystery plot, a Sons of Anarchy star in the making and a dad back on the dating scene, and those elements deserve their due.

Fic: Somewhere In Between (Logan, Veronica, Duncan) PG-13

The personal life of Veronica Mars is best described with one word: Messy. While the private detective is brilliant as hell at solving murders and wielding a stun gun, her romantic relationships through the years have been rocky. That’s not entirely her fault.

While the show Veronica Mars included many different relationships over for Veronica, it’s unlikely that she would want to bring about anyone’s death. When Veronica first starts to date Logan (Duncan’s best friend), she.

Like, we’re over this ideal of John Cusack holding a boom box outside our window [in Say Anything ]. Veronica didn’t have good examples of marriage, and she isn’t ready to commit, and I, for one, playing her, was like, I respect that decision,” she continued. Now my life is great because I have the love of my life. But Veronica and Logan’s nuptials would end tragically. The chances of Hulu ordering a fifth season remains up in the air, though Thomas seemed very optimistic that another installment of Veronica Mars was all but a done deal.

While Bell confessed she didn’t know when they could that happen, she remains hopeful. The reality is that [ The Good Place ] ending opens me up a little bit but Rob has other pilots he’s doing and so do the other cast members,” she said. That’s the truth. It’s all logistics. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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