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Xampp webalizer not updating

It is better for system integrity to use your distribution's precompiled packages when they are available. apt-get install libxml-simple-perl apt-get install libcompress-zlib-perl apt-get install libdbi-perl apt-get install libdbd-mysql-perl apt-get install libapache-dbi-perl apt-get install libnet-ip-perl apt-get install libsoap-lite-perl cpan -i XML:: Entities If a precompiled package is not available for your distribution, you can download the package source from and build it on your system (make and C compiler must be available).

For example: Note: If you are not using system perl interpreter, but another one such as the XAMPP/LAMPP perl interpreter, you must call this perl interpreter, not the system one, by specifying full path to your perl interpreter.

Generally, this directory is Warning: Do not add content to apache main configuration file if it is not a fresh install!

You must manually copy content of the local file created by setup into apache main configuration file, replacing existing configuration.

Don’t forget to also update Communication server configuration, especially in apache configuration file.

Refer to Secure your OCS Inventory NG Server for all information about modifications of configuration files.

Install it (php devel package is required): Note: If you’re not using system perl interpreter, but another one like XAMPP/LAMPP perl interpreter, you must specify full path to this perl interpreter, not the default system one.

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Enter “y” or validate to set Administration console up, enter “n” to skip Administration console installation.

It's a generic data which allows you to sort the new computers (geographical site, first floor, john room....).

If you don't want this functionality, just let it blank. If you encounter any errors while upgrading, restore your database, then upgrade My SQL server to version 4.1.20 or higher. To upgrade web communication server and administration console, you must follow instructions as described in Installing management server.

These 4 components can be hosted on a single computer or on different computers to allow load balancing.

Above 10000 inventoried computers, we recommend using at least 2 physical servers, one hosting database server Communication server and the other one hosting a database replica Administration server Deployement server. Because PERL scripts are compiled when Apache starts, and not at each request. Communication server may require some additional PERL modules, according to your distribution.


  1. Problems with the Windows version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything. i just don't know what to do to execute the 'webalizer.php' that will update the.

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