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What made kaiju of the classic era so endearing and appealing was, in fact, their "cheesiness," so to deny that is to deny their handmade charm.So I should say, instead, that I'm going for "what they could do without a rubber suit," but not necessarily CGI or anything.However, they DO control whether your check is actually accepted.A check can be declined by Certegy and, in some cases, a store may still accept it.In a nutshell, the idea was born out of a desire to take the entirety of the Toho Godzilla universe and create a cohesive continuity out of it, not to mention redesign and re-imagine the characters of the universe.As stated, this project is in no way connected to or sanctioned by Toho Co. Each Neo redesign takes a classic Toho character, breaks it down into what made him or her special or unique in the first place, then builds from there, while still clinging to the roots of the word "kaiju." Beyond the series of art, each piece comes with a short biography on the monsters, also lending to the overarching Godzilla Neo timeline (see below), which serves to unify and "clean up" the Tohoverse.As for the differences between the Godzillas, the first is VERY violent and aggressive.He's clearly confused and in pain, but still moves in a sinister fashion like GMK Goji. Final Wars Goji Neo will be, again, like the original/GMK version.

Astronauts Glen and Fuji make trip to Planet X, where the natives suggest a compromise to remove Godzilla and Rodan from Earth to protect from future raids by a mysterious monster.

GAIRA and SANDA are born from Frankenstein's scattered cells, and eventually fight.1962: Godzilla freed from the ice by ANGUIRUS and fights a recently discovered KING KONG (after the latter fights GOROSAURUS).

Kong beats Godzilla, seemingly at the cost of his own life.

The GOTENGO is developed.1964: Mothra's egg washes ashore in Southern Japan, and Happy Enterprises buys and puts the egg on display.

GODZILLA II finally re-appears, combats Mothra and the Larvae twins.


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