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Why is uscis not updating processing times

And that’s exactly why I’m writing this article – to help my fellow Filipinos not only understand how it’s done, but ultimately, to give tips on how to score your dream US Tourist Visa!There are different kinds of US Non-Immigrant Visas and this article is focused on giving tips on one single type which is the B-2 Visa.

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We all know one, two or so people who applied for their US Tourist VISA and maybe not only one of them were refused.

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  1. Is this normal? I was trying to gauge how long I could expect to wait, but USCIS hasn't updated their Processing Times since September.

  2. Workload Transfer Updates. On occasion, we transfer cases between our five service centers in order to balance our workload and promote timely processing. If you do not receive a decision on your case within the published processing time for the new service center, you may submit an inquiry online or call the USCIS.

  3. Jan 17, 2017. In an effort to share information on developments and our work, the Ombudsman periodically sends messages to stakeholders and posts blog updates. On January 5, 2017, USCIS announced that it will post processing times using a specific date format rather than weeks or months, and that this is the “first.

  4. Https//egov.uscis.gov/cris/Texas - I-485 - Employment based - June 14 2015 Nebaraska - I-485 - Employment based - October 2, 201.

  5. My application I sent in for my fiancé was accepted in Texas 12/27/16, and from there I got a letter noa1 saying it's gone to California for processing d.

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