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There are worse things to be named after than memorable literary characters, and it seems like something that Milo’s future character, book-loving bad boy Jess Mariano, would approve of.Plus, there are a lot of literary characters with truly bizarre names - in comparison, Milo doesn’t seem all that unusual.Given that Ventimiglia’s father was in the military, we can’t help but wonder if that helped inspire the choice to name their child after a character who was an officer in the Air Corps.where Ventimiglia shared some details about his childhood - namely, that his two sisters used to treat their brother like he was a doll and dress him up however they wanted to.

Apparently, Ventimiglia was named after a character from Joseph Heller’s classic novel , a man called Milo Minderbinder.He doesn’t smoke at all, and the almost 40 year old hasn’t drank a drop of alcohol in nearly twenty years.And no, it’s not because he’s in AA - it’s because, at 22, he realized that the party lifestyle of heavy drinking was standing in the way of his career - so he cut it out and pursued his passion.However, there’s one thing about that role that had a big impact on his career - and it wasn’t that his character was that nuanced and complex.No, it was the experience of watching Will Smith work.If you thought Milo’s commitment to a plant-based diet put him ahead of the average celebrity when it comes to health, just wait until you hear what else he’s given up.While many starlets turn to cigarettes to stay thin, and are frequently spotted bar-hopping and partying a little too hard, Ventimiglia is not about that life.Luckily, though he hadn’t yet made it big, Ventimiglia was convinced he could make it with his real name - so he ignored the agent and kept his real name.It showcases his Italian roots and sets him apart from the other celebrities - we’re glad he stood his ground and didn’t listen to the opinion of someone who ended up not even mattering over the course of his career.Ventimiglia’s parents actually raised all their children vegetarian, and he kept up the lifestyle into adulthood rather than rebelling and going straight for the carnivorous treats.The actor has called himself a lifelong vegetarian, and even snagged the title of PETA’s sexiest vegetarian back in 2009.


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