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Who is will oldham dating

In the end “Sweeter Than Anything” remains the best of the lot and “A Dream of the Sea”, lest we forget kicks with sweet, sweet ferocity.

Although this was initially available in limited supply it’s hardly lesser Oldham.

The collection opens with a raw-nerved rendition of John Phillips’ “Someone’s Sleeping”, a blip that barely registers save for that live energy.

It’s only when Oldham and friends kick into PJ Harvey’s “Sweeter Than Anything” that you grasp the full magnitude of their commitment and power.

There are glimmers of revelations about sexuality, spirituality, physicality, musicality.

Actually, I think about sex a lot – I’m sure lots of people do – so why not sing about it?

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To celebrate 20 years as a label, Temporary Residence has issued an expanded edition of the EP that will please stalwarts and provide those hearing the record for the first time with an alternate experience.I can’t digest more than two great performances in one weekend, so the concept is indulgent and decadent and kinda disgusting to me.And it seems oxymoronic to invite musicians that I admire to perform in such a competitive environment, where the only winners are the guys with the loudest soundsystems, like Andrew WK or the Foo Fighters.It’s essential to understanding the era in which the artist was hitting his stride and coming to understand the full reach of his considerable powers.His audience was finding those things too and so this glimpse backward brings with it tremendous joy as well as six unforgettable performances.“A Dream of the Sea” is filled with whimsy while “Strange Things” is wonderfully off-kilter, teetering on that verge between together and not together in a way that only Oldham can pull off.If you’re tempted to think that Tim Mc Graw’s “Just to See You Smile” was a put on, the deft and heartfelt performance prove otherwise.These things are inescapable, so let’s sing about them. You are best known to most as a musician and actor, but do you engage in any other form of artistic practice? Alasdair Roberts I never have, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot.The traditional idea is that the visual arts and the performing arts are the exclusive domain of a small group of people deemed “artistic” and “creative”. I feel that if one is artistically or creatively minded, then anything one does in one’s life is an expression of that.All things have the potential to be approached expressively or artistically, and I found a way of turning something that was relatively impractical into a practical pursuit.If I’d had the skills, I’d have pursued something a little more practical, and pursued it more impractically!


  1. Apr 14, 2009. Just prior to the release of the latest Bonnie “Prince” Billy album, Beware, Oldham spoke to The A. V. Club from his Hawaiian vacation hideaway about his image, his opinions about how music. Having to talk about it, for one, then also knowing that the excitement of the release date is moot in a lot of ways.

  2. Mar 3, 2014. Review by ANDREW WUSLER. In the recently released book length interview, Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Oldham takes a break from talking about touring to discuss a concept he's been considering. A few nights a month when Oldham is at home in Louisville, he would host a day of one-hour.

  3. Mar 10, 2017. Will Oldham may have a reputation as a reticent chap – an actor and singer who has cultivated the image of an austere, mordant, alt.country hillbilly, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy. But, in well over an hour of conversation, he proves to be as garrulous and entertaining as anyone Uncut has ever spoken to.

  4. Jun 21, 2016. Long out-of-print set from Bonny no "Prince" and note the different spelling of Bonnie here Billy resurfaces in expanded form. It's Will Oldham sounding ferocious and loud. A welcome return.

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