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She can be ALLEGEDLY dating a member of a lesbian band or another assumed-to-be-gay actress, be BFF with out director Jamie Babbit and Tegan and Sara or any other celesbian you could also mention at a potluck party, but until she decides to say “Here’s how I relate to my character in the gay way,” we’ll probably just continue speculating/wishing/hoping/praying.What would it matter if Clea were, in fact, gay and came out as such?I think because there are more of those roles, the fear and the novelty of it have kind of gone away, and now it’s just like, “Oh, characters.” It feels like a bigger “Who cares? She’s been steadily working all throughout the 2000s, but with the new show and part in the Ben Affleck movie, there’s been a Clea Du Vall resurgence.But is it too much to hope that she’d ever reveal more about herself as a person?And then I have to go around killing the mood as the ultimate party pooper when I explain “Actually, she’s never said anything on record about her sexuality.” Smiles fade, sparkles leave eyes, dreams have died. You and I can look at it from the perspective of people living in 2012, but I think that the fear at that time was very real, and you could have your entire life destroyed by who you love and by being who you are.And I think Wendy was caught in a moment that she probably never expected to be in, and she’d worked so hard to hide who she was.We’d probably feel a little more validated in the way we did when Jodie Foster acknowledged her partner for the first time, or when Wanda Sykes said she couldn’t stand idly by and be married to her wife while Prop. We just want to feel like people are proud of themselves and their tie to our community as we feel that pride and tie to them.All I’m saying is if our collective gaydar is proven correct in the future, and if, theoretically, she ever did happen to come out as a lesbian, drinks are on me.

Du Vall also took promotional pictures for Uh Huh Her. She was in a relationship with the American actor James De Bello for several months in the year 1999. She began dating the American film actress Ellen Page in 2011 but broke up later that year. She dated Camila Gutierrez during her early career days.Clea answered a question about being typecast as a lesbian in that same interview with I don’t think it matters much anymore.I think that there was a stigma playing gay characters before that there just isn’t now.And considering that film is one of the best lesbian stories of all time (black comedy meets romance co-starring Ru Paul with that seriously good soundtrack), it’s no wonder Clea is a household name amongst gay women.It’s also not shocking to me that many lesbians I meet think she’s out as a lesbian herself.It seems she is doing best job without harming others and has been a straight person in her life, for which she has not been in any controversy yet.The next time I go to a lesbian party, I’m going to play a game called “Take a shot every time someone mentions Clea Du Vall.” I’d be tipsy in no time, just wandering around asking, “Hey guys, what was your root? I admit that I, too, fell under the spell of the black button-down shirt at the Cocksucker. Her parents got separated when she was twelve years old.Her ethnicity is North American and holds American nationality. A County High School and graduated with a degree in Arts in 1995.


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