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Who is avid merrion dating

Throughout series one, she regularly appeared in "The Week In Bits" segment, often meeting other celebrities or talking about her private life.In series two, she has her own segment, entitled "The Kelly Osbourne Show", in which she goes shopping, gets a haircut, slags off other celebrities, or does an advice call-in.In series one, his segment was titled "The Jacksons", which featured Michael showing the viewer around his family home, and having an ongoing feud with The Osbournes.In series two, a segment entitled "Michael Jackass" was premièred, which showed Jackson doing dangerous tasks such as wakeboarding drunk, diving in an aquarium tank covered in fish, ice skating naked, diving into a pool with his arms and legs tied up, and skydiving.He calls Kes a bastard, often when calling her to return.Craig also wears a beanie hat, and his iconic headphones from his "Born to Do It" album cover.The character featured in his own special, Chamone Mo Fo Selecta, following his real-life death in 2009.

“People were focusing more on this caricature of me than the music, even though the music itself hadn't changed.

The programme grew in popularity based on a rubber-faced caricature of the garage singer.

Merrion, as the show’s title suggests, took particular glee in lampooning David’s well-known “Selecta” lyric from his 1999 breakout single Rewind.

This is a list of fictional characters from the television series Bo' Selecta!

Craig David is one of the main Bo' Selecta characters.


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  2. Avid Merrion. Avid Merrion, played by Leigh Francis, is the main protagonist of the series. He stalks celebrities. Born in the small town of Arachnipus near.

  3. The show also showcased Leigh's two other characters Avid Merrion and. 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Keith Lemon. not bisexual and that he was dating Dustin.

  4. All Avid Merrion was ever doing was highlighting points that were obvious traits of my character. You know what? I have admiration for beautiful women.

  5. Redirected from Avid Merrion Jump to navigation, search. This is a list of fictional characters from the television series Bo' Selecta! This.

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