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What can i do about an intimidating neighbor

I am deeply hurt by these words and am foreseeing him doing grave harm to me and my mother.I wish to know how I can get divine help to fight this Prashanth, There are a number of issues here. If so, let there be a record of the incident as a deterent to his doing it again.This man is trying to intimidate you and I pray you do not succumb but at the same time, do use common sense. If in the future you must interact, do so in the company of friends and neighbors while maintaining your calm by asking God to surround you with His protective light.Mentally chant God’s name and project a light onto the other person, especially seeing or imagining it at his forehead. Don’t look into his eyes and be careful not to incite him with emotion or harsh words.They often just behave like the school yard bully, the spoilt brat or the class clown (or all these things) that they were when they were growing up.

Ask God for courage to act properly and for right understanding to guide you.

If you consider that for the NFH you are the oxygen that fuels their fire so if you starve them of that fuel they will hopefully look elsewhere for their supply. don’t get involved in noise wars (they turn up their volume so you turn up yours) or shouting matches over the fence - he said she said or ‘you’re an idiot’, ‘no I’m not, you are’ - these reactions are a ‘race to the bottom’, they go nowhere, wastes precious time and in the long run they make things worse, walk away there are better methods with better outcomes.

We are not suggesting that you let them walk all over you, there are ways to fight back but you need to be smart not reactive.

Whatever the case when it comes to the Neighbour From Hell it usually doesn’t take much and suddenly you find yourself the victim of bullying, harassment, intimidation, loud noise, and general antisocial behaviour visited upon you by an irrational and unreasonable neighbour.

If you have come here looking for methods of revenge you have come to the wrong place, that is not what we are about and it is probably you who is (or is about to become) the NFH.


  1. Prashanth, There are a number of issues here. No one has a right to threaten another with violence and physical harm. If what you relate is as you say, I recommend.

  2. What can I do about my intimidating neighbours. That's free speech. However, you CAN do something about them blocking your driveway. That's illegal.

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