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Warning failed while updating the boot sectors for disk0 partition1

Now, Type ren BCD to render old BCD file useless as it maybe corrupt, now allowing us to create a new BCD file.

Now Type bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-us /s k: /f ALL and Press Enter (Assuming C is the drive Ltr for the volume on which your Windows is installed). If for some reason your EFI partition is missing, you can create a new one easily.

Boot sector is important to load the Windows in memory for the purpose of execution.

So, if the boot sector gets corrupted for some reason, this error will resist the Windows from loading.

The key may vary according to your computer manufacturer and model.

Still if you cannot boot from the USB then make sure the CSM and Secure Boot features are Disabled in your BIOS settings.

The other cause of this error might be the Hard Disk failure.

If the hard disk has a bad sector or malware, then it would also do the same by preventing Windows from loading. These solutions will definitely let you roll back to your Windows without losing any important data.

Now Download the Windows 8 Media Creation Tool from this link.First you will need a Windows 8 or 10 installation media that is on a USB formatted with a FAT32 file system.A UEFI based system as yours will not recognize an NTFS formatted USB as a bootable device.We have written several solutions to fix errors on Windows OS.Windows gets a plenty of errors by the time it starts getting old. One of the most teasing errors which are present in old versions of Windows including Windows XP as well as in new builds including Windows 8, is the error 0xc000000f.When you are in the Boot device selection screen, Select your USB.Once you are on the installation screen, Press and Hold the Shift key and Press F10 to bring up a black window called Command Prompt. Now Type list disk and Press Enter to list all storage disks attached to your computer.This method also requires a bootable Windows Installation DVD/USB. Type inside command prompt and press Enter key on the keyboard.The major purpose of using this tool is to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) that controls how the Windows is started. Now, inside System Recovery Options, select the Command Prompt. It will start rebuilding the BCD and your PC will be back to its normal state.There is a saying, “Do whatever your boss asks you to do”. With every error inside the Windows, Microsoft provides some initial tips to recover this.To do this, you need to have a genuine Windows bootable DVD/USB.


  1. INI and NTLDR, the operation will fail. For example, if you install Windows™ 7 in unallocated space on a computer running Win XP and look inside the XP partition, you'll find the install process made backups of the original boot sector BOOSECT. BAK and Boot. BAK files, and these lines added to the new.

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