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Validating jtextfield

They act as controls when users tap them (frequently they are buttons) and act on the current contents of the text field.Searching and bookmarking are two common tasks for overlay views, but others are possible.The following example displays a basic text field and a text area. When the user presses Enter in the text field, the program copies the text field's contents to the text area, and then selects all the text in the text field.in the example, indicates the number of columns in the field.

You can make this determination using one of two approaches: outlets or tags.J2SE 5.0 on Mac OS X 10.5 gives Java applications access to a wide range of native control styles. Conceptually, client properties are key-value pairs that are associated with a particular JComponent.These new runtime client properties allow your Java application to look and feel more like Cocoa applications than ever, while still enjoying the portability benefits of a pure Java codebase. These properties can be used for many different purposes, as it is not required for a JComponent to have any knowledge of what any particular property means.The purpose of this behavior is to avoid excessive animations as a user moves between views that are largely, but not entirely, text fields. An input view is a substitute for system keyboards that is assigned to the property of a text view or a custom view.When there are input views, UIKit might swap out the keyboard even when a text object is first responder, and it might show a keyboard-like input view on the developer's behalf for non-text objects.The best uses a regular expression to verify that the string entered in a “Social Security Number” field conforms to the format for such numbers.Listing 3-7 Validating the format of a text field’s string using a regular expression Overlay views are small views inserted into the left and right corners of a text field.There are a couple of exceptions to this common behavior.On the i Pad, if a view controller modally presents its view using the "form sheet" style, the keyboard, once shown, is not hidden until the user taps the dismiss key or the modal view controller is programmatically dismissed.A text field is a basic text control that lets the user enter a small amount of text.When the user indicates that text entry is complete (usually by pressing Enter), the text field fires an action event.


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