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Validating form with javascript

There are several things to consider before you creating forms: This is the plan: the best way to make each part is to start with HTML and then improve it by adding some style and scripts but you can actually start with preparing database (because you may have your own DB structure) or PHP script (step 12) and then, take care of the other steps.

By and large, good ones were enhanced with additional scripts.To do it place class=”class_name_here” to input tags where class_name_here is name of class defined between style tags (see example if you are new to adding classes to elements).Add only field class to each text field, rest will be used later.It can be used in many other cases like adding a comment or posting message somewhere so you can attach it to more than one form.It will count characters we typed and tells us how many more we can write to the end of field.There are various places to put the javascript code as it was with CSS.It can either be written inside the main_file using a tag or put to the other file and then include this file to main_We are going to cover several field types including standard input field, password field, repeat password field, email field, options list and few different js scripts.We hope that you’ll find here something useful for you.As you may have guessed it is time to add some CSS and make our form look a little better.Here is my example of green form definitions: Classes are named according to their further function.


  1. Learn JavaScript Validating a Registration Form - Exercise. In this exercise, you will write code to validate a registration form. You may find it useful to use.

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