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Updating php on windows

This has a dramatic affect on the performance of Word Press (the term “night and day” comes to mind). One I installed the bits I then needed to restart IIS and reconfigure the PHP version it was pointing at.

This is done at the root IIS level using the PHP Manager we installed a moment ago.

Modern PHP frameworks such as Opulence, Symfony, Cake, Laravel, Word Press, and many more support this.

Download the latest PHP7 zip file from Extract the contents of the zip file into C:\PHP7 Copy C:\PHP7\php.ini-development to C:\PHP7\Open the newly copied C:\PHP7\in a text editor.

I can’t say enough good things about the Web Platform Installer and the work that goes into make sure those packages install seamlessly.

PHP7 is a general purpose scripting language well suited for web development. This tutorial will show you how to install PHP7 and Composer on Windows 10 for use in a command prompt.

We develop locally using Wamp Server so we needed to install PHP 7 on our computers as well.

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I called the CEO (me) who referred me to the CTO (me) who told the Admin (me) to update PHP.

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Scroll down to On my computer I’ve created a C:\Users\dac514\bin directory where I keep miscellaneous executables. Use a search engine to find a tutorial and do something similar.

Optionally install composer in the C:\PHP7 directory you just created as it’s already in your path.


  1. May 2, 2016. At the time of writing PHP 7.0.6 is the latest stable release and given that we are going to be using Microsoft's IIS as the web server on Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 we will need to download the latest version of PHP 7.0.x ensuring that we download the NTS Non-thread safe version and the x64 build.

  2. Sep 1, 2016. We recently upgraded our development and production servers to PHP 7. We develop locally using Wamp Server so we needed to install PHP 7 on our computers as well. After digging around and some trial and errors I found the youtube video below. Install Microsoft Packages Install both of the following.

  3. Here are the steps * Take the back up of data folder and htdocs folder * Uninstall xampp * Download the xampp with the version you need * Once installed successfully, replace htdocs and data folder. Thus you have your old data and projects with yo.

  4. Hello mate. Myself using iis7 for my website hosted on windows server and due to security vulnerability on php version 7.0.5, we are trying to update it. to php newer version 7.1.x. i tried and didn't get proper links for updating php on windows server, we made few changes on our older php version. what is.

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