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Als Autor sehe ich es mehr als meine Aufgabe an, Informationen zu sammeln und z. The first time I did one of the things mentioned below, namely when I copied the files from the writable partition to the [once] read only partition when removing the unionfs, I temporarily "bricked" my Eee, so I'd recommend starting from a fresh install from the recovery CD.(* if you've physically shifted the keys) This swaps the up/Pg Up key with right shift and the down/Pg Dn with right/End key. Well it's a small screen, so let's have as much space as possible. Pidgin instant messanger can make it's normal sounds on Eee.Saves destroying the internal SSD with lots of writes to "My Documents" Stops file corruption if you're saving a big file and then put it to sleep or shutdown. Anmerkung: Es gibt wenig bis keine Informationen, was die einzelnen Updates bewirken und welche Fehler behoben werden sollen.Insbesondere die in der deutschen Version des Xandros Linux bzw.Leider trgt die Informationspolitik bezglich der angebotenen Updates nicht unbedingt dazu bei, Vertrauen zu schaffen.

ganz stolz ist, wenn das System es irgendwann einmal tut.

Wenn das Ganze anwenderfreundlich werden soll, muss ASUS also demnchst beginnen, so etwas wie ein Patch-Bulletin herauszugeben.

Aus diesem Mangel heraus versuche ich nachfolgend einen kurzen berblick ber die verfgbaren Updates (Stand 8.

der Anwendungen bekannten Bugs sind bisher nicht behoben.

Die obigen Wertungen beruhen daher auf meiner subjektiven Meinung. Bereits kurz nach Verfgbarkeit der Updates huften sich die Meldungen von Benutzern, die ber Probleme bei der Installation berichteten.


  1. Personal computing has never been so portable, or so affordable. The new EeePC, a joint venture between Intel and Asus, is designed to be your constant companion and your elegant yet affordable introduction to computing. Weighing in at only 2 pounds, with a compact and highly-readable seven-inch display, the EeePC.

  2. Dec 27, 2007. The downside to this method, apart from a slight overhead, is that performing large updates such as updating OpenOffice will take up a large amount of space. Replacing 300MB with 300MB of updated files means eating an additional 300MB out of your user space, rather than replacing the originals.

  3. Jun 23, 2008. The Eee PC is becoming increasingly popular as a cheap, handy ultra-portable laptop option, but the Linux-powered model limits its users to only. If you want more repositories, updated OpenOffice, WINE and so forth, there is a version of the stock OS put together by that gives you all of that.

  4. Oct 13, 2008. Then install the new version. The Setup removes only the program files. Your settings remain in your home folder. See the OOo Tips 'n' Tricks blog. When you start the new version the first time, you see the Welcome Wizard. In the Welcome Wizard, among other settings, you can decide to import the settings.

  5. I cannot update my OpenOffice for some reason. Here is the error message; The host name update32.services.could not be resolved. Anyone have a solution. Thanx. OpenOffice 3.1.0. Simba's Dad Posts 3 Joined Sat Sep 16, 2017 pm. Top.

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