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Updating electrical wiring

This program includes Mike's Basic Electrical Theory textbook and three DVDs to help you learn Electrical Fundamentals, Circuits, Alternating currents and more.The Limited Energy book and DVDs will teach you what you need to know about the NEC requirements governing these limited energy applications.In this best-selling program Mike captures his knowledge into one systematic training system.It is effective because it combines Mike’s unique direct writing style along with a series of DVDs.This textbook is the first step in gaining that understanding.

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The Ohm's Law Wheel shows the graphical, visual relationship between voltage, current, resistance and power in a direct current electrical circuit. Keep your sticker handy to help you and to jog your memory.Today's electronic technology requires power that is sufficiently free of voltage and current disturbance so as not to cause undue energy waste or heating of supplied equipment.This DVD package provides the foundation necessary to understand the power quality and reliability issues and solutions, causes of harmonic problems, which solution(s) to apply, and when to call an expert.This textbook is designed to provide a foundation for students who are just beginning to learn about motor controls.It can also be helpful for journeyman and master exam preparation.Our best-selling Understanding the NEC DVD program has helped thousands of electricians learn the Code.The combination of the textbook with the DVDs makes it an easy and powerful learning tool.Volume 1 covers Articles 90 through 480: No other textbook takes you step-by-step through NEC articles like Mike’s authoritative Understanding the National Electrical Code textbooks.This resource has proven itself in the field and in the exam room, and you can rely on it to provide you with the rock-solid foundation of NEC knowledge you need to do your job with accuracy and confidence.This DVD and booklet cover Chapters 1 and 2 of Mike's Basic Electrical Theory textbook, which includes: matter • electron theory • magnetism • electricity • electromagnetism • the electrical circuit • math • electrical formulas This DVD and booklet cover Chapters 3 and 4 of Mike's Basic Electrical Theory textbook, which includes: series circuits • parallel circuits • series-parallel circuits • multiwire circuits • the electrical system • protection devices This DVD and booklet cover Chapters 5 and 6 of Mike's Basic Electrical Theory textbook, which includes: alternating current • capacitance • induction • power factor and efficiency • motors • generators • transformers Annex A covers NEC requirements for Grounding and Bonding The textbook explains how to read and understand basic motor control schematics.It helps students understand the equipment represented by the symbols in the schematics, and how motor controls are used in practical applications.


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