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Updating carte vitale france

I am type 2 diabetic and have always believed that in France, like the UK diabetes is classed as an Ailement Long Dure (ALD) and treatment is borne by the state at 100%.

In October last year I went to an optician in Vire for diabetic eye checks, gave them my Carte Vital and thought that was the end of the matter.

Mine under the ACS scheme covers eyesight test and glasses once a year.

Thanks John, my mutuelle does cover the difference on my eye testing but 12 euros or so is not my reason for posting this, it is to find out about the system for diabetics in France. My doctor has been giving me an ordonnance for metformin since we came to live here and I have never had a separate one for diabetes medication, it has always been on only the one form mixed in with blood pressure pills and all the other stuff that over 60’s have to take to stay alive.

As you say, it’s not the 12€ but knowing what you are covered for in terms of the ALD. I never knew that I needed to take stuff like that. All I take is a blood thinner to prevent blood clots.

But if you’ve been here for 2 years, surely your doctor would have done this?

Anyway it sounds like something you need to take up with your MT to see either why he hasn’t notified your ALD, or if he has why it hasn’t been properly recorded.

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  2. Looking for French Healthcare Legislation Text. Health Care & Carte Vitale. how long have you been living in France.

  3. Diabetes cover in France. when your CV needs updating just pop along to your pharmacy. He should be able to access your carte vitale records online so he.

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