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And we don’t even need to see the file when the process run.You can use Auto CAD Core Console to run it much faster; it’s faster than I thought.Not only allow you to modify your block geometry, you can also create a dynamic block here.You can activate block editor by double clicking a block OR select a block then right click block panel. When working with block editor, 0,0 is the insertion point.Using a block as the title block is a common practice because we can reserve the text field with attributes.The downside of using a block is when we need to update it. In this article, we will cover how you can use an Auto CAD script and run it with Script Pro.Auto CAD will recognize that the block has the same name with existing block. Choose redefine block, and your blocks will be updated.Block editor is a very powerful tool to edit your block.

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Don’t forget to click save changes after you finish working with your block. I've been using Auto CAD since R14 and Revit since Revit Building 9.

It’s always a good idea to create a backup before we start. We already cover how to run a script on multiple drawings, so you need to open this article to continue: Run a script on multiple DWG with Script Pro.

Garry Nelson gave me an interesting information about Auto CAD Core Console, the

I'm also a member of Autodesk Expert Elite, appreciation for individuals who give contribution to Autodesk community.

Updating block is a common issue that Auto CAD users have.


  1. CAD tip # 5351 Question CAD %. You want to update a block or blocks in a drawing. myblock2and myblock3files must be in the AutoCAD search.

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  3. Redefining a block definition affects both previous and future insertions of the block in the current drawing and any associated attributes. There are two.

  4. Massively Redefine All Blocks in a Drawing. Updating blocks in a file is. When you insert a block, AutoCAD looks to see if that block already exists.

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