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Try updating the folder list psycho dating website

You may have to scroll if you mark more than two or three folders as favorite folders.You can also add a folder to the Windows 10 Start menu for quick access. If you want to combine multiple email accounts in one Inbox, you'll need to link the inboxes. For example, you can't link a Microsoft Exchange email inbox with a Yahoo email inbox.The contents of your folders are displayed on the right.By default, the pane on the left displays a list of common tasks you might want to perform when you open a folder, such as moving, renaming, and copying.The drive on which Windows is installed is usually displayed as the C: drive when you double-click on My Computer to open it using Windows Explorer.My Documents shows the location where Windows saves documents by default when you save them from an application such as Microsoft Word.

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When you select a folder, its contents are displayed on the right pane.

If you don't see all of your folders in the folder list, select More for a complete list of all of your folders.

To ensure a folder is displayed in your folder list, mark the folder as a favorite folder.

Windows XP is a multi-user system, meaning that several users can use the same computer and each will have their own My Documents Folder.

You can view the folders for all the users who have accounts on your computer by opening the folder Documents and Settings, which is on the root (or upper-most level) of your C: drive.


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