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Trouble updating wii

(For instance, if the Wii is placed in a crowded entertainment center, try moving the Wii somewhere with more room.) Change your router's channel setting to 1 or 11.

By default, most routers broadcast on channel 6, which overlaps with other channels and may be weaker.

Wii updates 4.2 and 4.3 were both specifically designed to kill homebrew.For help doing this, click here and select your router brand and model (if available). Access the Wii system settings (how to), and use the right arrow twice and select "Internet." 2.The information you need is found in the "Broadcast Channel:" area. Select "Connection Settings," and choose the connection file (1, 2, or 3) that are you are currently using. Select "Change settings" and click the right arrow 3 times to reach "Auto-Obtain DNS." 4. Click into the "Primary DNS" field and enter: 6. Once the test finishes, try to download the update again.Other, slower types of connections, may not be compatible.Click here for more info about compatible connection types.We were able to connect to the internet fine, Wifi was fine, and we attempted to update then.It actually gave us an error code when updating via the internet (Error code 32004) I was on the phone with nintendo for about an hour, pretty much It's either "modded"(Which it's not, I've had it since new, never modded it) or there's something wrong with the system.If you have lost homebrew but can still use your Wii, be happy about that, because sometimes the updates made Wiis unusable.You need to know what version of the OS you upgraded to.Did this connection used to work but has suddenly stopped? To do this, unplug both the modem and the router from the power outlet. Wait a couple of minutes for the modem to initialize, then plug in the router.Try to connect the Wii, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo 3DS online and test for proper response.


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