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Triangulum constellation dating ariane

The constellations are delineated based upon the catalogue of Johannes Hevelius and include Orion, Scorpio, Taurus, Eridanus and the Southern Cross.The constellations include some unusal additions, including the Peacock, Toucan, and a lovely unicorn called Monoceros.Young stars are violent objects that eject material at speeds of as high as one million kilometers per hour.When this material crashes into the surrounding gas it glows, creating a Herbig-Haro object [1].Olharmos para o céu e nos comover é o primeiro passo.O segundo passo é decidirmos se vamos ficar felizes e contentes dentro do Caos ou se vamos tentar trazer o Caos para dentro do Cosmos.Apelidada de Eight-Burst em inglês e conhecida por nós como Nebulosa do Anel do Sul, o gás brilhante se originou das camadas externas de uma estrela como o nosso Sol.

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It lies near, and is probably interacting with the barred spiral galaxies NGC 3256A, NGC 3256B en NGC 3256C, and belongs to the Hydra-Centaurus supercluster of galaxies.

The Hindus knew it as , sparkling or scorching, which first appeared with Hesiod as a title for this star, although also applied to the sun, and by Abychos to all the stars.

Various early Greek authors used it for our Sirius, perhaps generally as an adjective, for we read in Eratosthenes:, — Suidas used all three for both sun and star, — originally was employed to indicate any bright and sparkling heavenly object, but in the course of time became a proper name for this brightest of all the stars.

Edward Sachau's translation of Al Bīrūnī's Chronology renders it Sirius Jemenicus.

Riccioli had Halabor, which the 1515 Almagest applied to the constellation; and Chilmead, Gabbar, Ecber, and Habor; while Shaari lobur, another queerly corrupted form, is found in Eber's Egyptian Princess.


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