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Too young for dating

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Pretty much the same as how girls tend to feel about guys hitting on them.

:)I notice younger guys (I'm not blind or dead after all), but I don't think I could seriously date someone a lot younger. For example, I'm 35 now, so attempting to date someone who was in their early 20's would feel odd to me personally. So, keep in mind that I can't speak for all men, but just myself and other guys who have my attitude towards dating, and here are the answers I would give.1) My normal age range for dating, would be between 24 - 30, for women I am seriously considering dating with relationship potential.If dating younger doesn't bother you though, then the age difference really shouldn't matter, if you both like each other, and things are going well. When I date younger than that, I typically just consider it casual.Although, I find it a bit creepy if anyone in their 30's (male or female) ends up dating someone who's barely legal, and not even out of their teens yet. There are no 18-19 year old males out there that have any idea what a 30 year old woman needs/thinks etc. If i were you, I wouldnt go for anyone more than 4 years younger than myself. So if you are 30 and he is 20 when you are 45 he will be35... You might have a hard time competeing with women 10 years younger than him,or 20 years younger than yourself. Mainly because I just don't think women that young are interested in something serious.2) When older women hit on me I find it very creepy and uncomfortable.As a general rule (and I'm willing to break it with someone who finds me attractive and is interesting beyond her years..into olders at this point), no more than 10 years.About 5 years younger would be ideal for me, because I'm a lot more energetic than almost every woman my age (44) that I've met, but more than 10 years younger than me and I feel like their father or babysitter, which I DO NOT want to feel like.Like someone mentioned earlier, it's okay to have short term relationships with younger men but when you start getting serious- you'll want to consider all aspects of the relationship and see if he's your equal: can he take care of himself? I dated women in their 30s when I was in my early 20s.. If you think any 21yo guy is interested in 34yo beyond sex then your pretty out to lunch.Age means nothing with dating..you think age means nothing for a relationship then I think you must be pretty immature. I seriously doubt that after 36 years of marriage, that is 99% about sex.I am just curious to see what others opinions are on the subject of how many younger it is when it starts to seem "weird."Also, how do guys feel about being approached by "older women" (ie. In general, I prefer to be the one approached and part of the reason (but only part) is that I just don't want to come across as some kind of predatory female, or creepy in any way. Older women (Much older women.) were always making inappropriate comments. Classy.) I understand 100% why many young women get upset with older men checking them out and making unwelcome comments.So I guess it's a two part question: 1) What is considered "normal" age range (just for comparison sake) for dating and 2) Guys when significantly older women hit on you is it creepy or hot? That's generally determined by the people involved. It's not just men that go to far with their desire for youthful partners. I hated it, because I knew that if a grown man were treating a 14 year old girl the same way, he would be in deep shyte. I even had grown men wanting to fight me because their wives were making comments about me. I have dated women with as much as seventeen years difference in age. The age problem usually arises when the two people are at different stages in life.but any younger guy hearing you |love younger guys" isnt going to take you seriously. It's a double standard, but I guess I'll just 'take it like a man'. I am 36 and I prefer to date younger men for a variety of reasons.One time, I was being hit on by a woman who was in the range of 8 years older than me, and she was trying to feel me out as to my interest level, so she said 'You know, I really don't mind dating someone a bit younger than me...', to which I responded 'Oh yeah? All in all, my experiences with them have been better. However, I will date men closer to my age or older if I feel a connection.


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