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There’s no English once you go beyond the tourist sites. A couple of kilometers of the seashore have been turned into a resort area.

The sun sets in Israel as a waiter sets the table for a dinner organized by the French Embassy.

Just dirt tracks, dust, and monotonous hideous neighborhoods.

It is also set to support peacekeeping, rescue and humanitarian operations both within the national territory and abroad. An ordinary coin is all you need to inscribe a cultural missive from Russia here.Although Jordan isn’t exactly geared towards visitors.From the late 1940s to 1989, the extensive Czechoslovak People's Army (about 200,000) formed one of the pillars of the Warsaw Pact military alliance.After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic is completing a major reorganisation and reduction of the armed forces, which intensified after the Czech Republic joined NATO on 12 March 1999.Nevertheless, Czechs maintained their ethnic identity and seized the opportunity for independence during World War I.Czechs and Slovaks deserted the armies of Austria-Hungary in large numbers to form the Czechoslovak Legion.I’m absolutely positive that every reader of this modest travelogue has always wanted to see what the urinal at the base of Machu Picchu looks like.How did the Incas arrive at stone masonry, streets, houses with hip roofs, and other attributes of European civilization, when there was no contact whatsoever between the two cultures for ten millennia?The city has a bus rapid transit system (similar to those in Curitiba, Guatemala City, and Bogota). An orchestra comes out to stretch its legs and play a few notes on the territory of the presidential palace behind the fence.Viewers are supposed to observe this spectacle from across the street.


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