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When the Third site, St Mary’s at Monken Hadley, became apparent, it combined with the other two to form a perfect equilateral triangle on the landscape, from which all the more complex Earthstar geometry eventually evolved. The basis of the design is one of the most important constructions of sacred geometry: The Squared Circle, a device considered to bridge the gap between the spiritual realms and the material world, or to create a small piece of Heaven on earth - hence its repeated use as a template for sacred spaces.Its most fundamental basis is two concentric circles and a square.

Linked by the hidden unity of this sacred geometry, London’s ancient sacred sites form a vast and invisible version of Stonehenge, a great landscape temple covering most of the capital.The place she first led me to was the small hilltop church of St. So right from the very beginning ( back in the early 80s) it was crystal clear that this phenomenon was linked to a healing and transformatory impulse coming through the Earth’s sacred sites at the turning point of an age.Over the next few weeks, more sites were identified.Because it is principally star patterns on the Earth, I called it Earthstars.The design is not simple geometry, it is the basis of the temple-builders’ art, sacred geometry, and is a recognisable temple ground plan used throughout the centuries to create sacred space.Interestingly, she has never referred to herself as Gaia.When asked for a name, her first reply was Isis Maria Sophia, combining aspects of the Divine Mother with the Goddess of Wisdom.One of the Great Visionaries of The New age, Sir George Trevelyan, described it in these words: In our age, an energy that is light, life and love will flood the Earth, re-animating the realm of matter, raising its vibratory rate to that of the spiritual worlds. So high is this frequency that it will repel all particles, energies and beings attuned to the lower frequencies of egoism, power, greed, selfishness, violence, hatred, rivalry and war.Sir George called this ‘The Redemption of the Fallen Planet’.Though this one is not defined by circles of sarsens and bluestones, but by the stones of places like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St.Paul’s Cathedral and our local parish churches, many of which have a known history dating back a thousand years or more and which, like Stonehenge itself, were places of ceremony and sanctity for centuries before Christianity arrived on these druid shores.


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