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Stock option backdating example

But Apple makes clear that Jobs was directly involved in some instances of backdating.

The investigation "found that CEO Steve Jobs was aware or recommended the selection of some favorable grant dates." The committee hastens to add that Jobs "did not receive or financially benefit from these grants or appreciate the accounting implications." In other words, he didn't recommend backdating his own option grants.

Just so, which midlevel investigator at the Securities and Exchange Commission would have the temerity to recommend to Chairman Christopher Cox that the agency haul the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur into court?

Which junior federal prosecutor will recommend indicting the guy who smashed the PC monopoly?

Stockholders and analysts love him for delivering stunning returns.More likely, though, he's been saved by his special status.Jobs is Michael Jordan in the 1990s, Citigroup in the 1980s, Walter Cronkite in the 1960s.And he never cashed in those options because they were replaced in 2003 by a grant of restricted stock.CEOs at other companies have been forced to resign for such activities. His job may be saved by the fact that he did not directly profit.As with Jordan, a different set of rules seems to apply to Jobs.Clearly, the Enron trials have not closed the book on corporate fraud.Consumers adore him for liberating them from the tyranny of expensive CDs and crappy radio.Creative types love Jobs for creating the i Mac, a hipper alternative to the blocky PC.have led to the resignation of dozens of top executives and investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and federal prosecutors. 29, Apple discussed the report and accounted for the impact of the earnings restatements in its 10-Q.But the options scandal has never touched a more exciting company than Apple or a more thrilling executive than Jobs. In June 2006, a special committee of Apple outside directors, chaired by former Vice President Al Gore, hired its own attorneys to investigate options backdating at the company. It turns out there were literally thousands of examples of backdating at Apple—6,428 options grants on 42 dates over a period of several years.


  1. A new boardroom scandal is roiling Wall Street stock options backdating. Dozens of companies – including. Take this example, from The Wall Street Journal, which began investigating the practice last fall "Suppose an executive gets 100,000 options on a day when the stock is at $30. Exercising them after it has reached.

  2. May 3, 2016. Consequently, a person who has been awarded stock options will only use them if the current market price is higher than the exercise price built into the options. The exercise price is usually the market price of the shares on the date when the options were awarded. For example, a person is awarded 1,000.

  3. Jul 26, 2006. Stock Options. Backdating and Other Issues Involving Stock Option Grants New Rules from the SEC and a Game Plan for Avoiding Liability. Virtually every public company uses or has used stock options as a key component of its. For example, under the deferred compensation tax rules discussed below.

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