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would prove so hostile to women is more than a little counterintuitive.Silicon Valley is populated with progressive, hyper-educated people who talk a lot about making the world better.

The female technical force was 10 percent at Twitter, 15 percent at Facebook, and 20 percent at Apple.Yet every time Blount asked him a question about his skills or tried to steer the conversation to the scope of the job, he blew her off with a flippant comment.Afterward, Blount spoke to another top woman—a vice president—who said he’d treated her the same way.She points to the “original vision” of Google’s founders, which was that “we’re going to build this company for the long haul.We’re not going to be evil.” Google released detailed information on its workforce, and because “our numbers weren’t great,” Lee told me, other companies felt safe releasing theirs.That same month, she wrote a post on Medium in which she called on people to share data from their own companies, and she set up a spreadsheet where they could do so.“This thing that had been an open secret in Silicon Valley became open to everybody,” Chou told me.The researchers found that telling participants that their company valued merit-based decisions only increased the likelihood of their giving higher bonuses to the men.Such bias may be particularly rife in Silicon Valley because of another of its foundational beliefs: that success in tech depends almost entirely on innate genius.Granted, women currently make up just 18 percent of computer-science majors, but these companies are so well funded and attractive that they should be able to get a disproportionate percentage of the pipeline.The firms resolved to do better, and began looking for new ways to attract and retain women.


  1. Oct 30, 2015. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, and other publications. FIA MARQUIS Fia is a food writer, recipe creator, and member of the Maine food scene. A Maine native and mother of one, she lives in Portland with her husband—Maine Seniors Magazine Creative Director Ian.

  2. Inland Hospital Named one of the Best Places to Work in Maine! Release Date - Sep/02/2016. Inland Hospital in Waterville has been named as one of the 2016 Best Places to Work in Maine. The awards program was created in 2006 and is a project of the Society for Human Resource Management SHRM – Maine State.

  3. Artists at Work regularly hosts exhibitions that showcase student art, either connected to a class assignment or an individual project. to be held at Maine College of Art. The show is a culmination of a three year oral history and storytelling project with elders and community leaders from Portland and students at MECA.

  4. And up-to-date research on the museum's American paintings, while highlighting. Featured Works. Notes to Essays on Featured Works. Illustrated List of American Paintings to 1945, Excluding Featured Works. Index. Photographic Credits. Devon Larsen, Tampa Museum of Art; Stephanie Lathan, Telfair Museum of Art;.

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