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Needless to say, this isn’t all going to happen overnight.How many times do you have to get burned by this to know that it’s true?Shia and Mia have been dating on and off for about four years, but after getting into a huge fight in Germany which ended up being filmed and put online, it seems the two are back on track.The pair first met on the set of their film Nymphomaniac: Vol II back in 2012, and can regularly be seen showing off some cute PDAs around LA.His father didn't have one fix job and was on drugs.

Everyone in the theater was probably like, "WTF, where you going pal?!After he checked my age and bags, I was immediately allowed in.I was too intrigued with what the hell was happening in the theater.His mother was a ballerina turned jewelry designer, while his father was a recovering drug addict who made a living from being a mime and clown.He was raised in the mainly Latino working-class neighborhood, Echo Park and studied at a predominantly African-American school.They don’t all want to sign themselves up for a full blown relationship with the first guy they meet.Technically, aren’t you getting the best of both worlds?It’s how quickly he follows up after that first date to say, “I want to see you again.” What happens in the dates is far more important than what happens on the date.Because that’s what we do when we’re really excited about you.They’ve had quite a turbulent relationship over the years, but it looks like Shia La Beouf and Mia Goth are officially taking things to the next level.According to US Weekly, the couple are reportedly engaged – and we’re pretty sure they’re going to throw the weirdest wedding in history.


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