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One passenger who was less enthusiastic about the new service was budget manager Paul Tierney, 57, from Chatham, Kent. I am feeling chilly.'Passengers are paying more to use the new service and under the terms of Southeastern's franchise, annual fare increases for its passengers are higher than for other train companies, to take account of the extra investment and the fast trains.

Southeastern's regulated fares, which include season tickets, will go up by 1.6 per cent in January while some unregulated fares, which include some off-peak journeys, will rise by as much as 7.3 per cent.

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Mr Brown, speaking on one of the Southeastern platforms at St Pancras, said: 'This is a great day for St Pancras and for Kent, rail services in this area and for the UK.'This is also a momentous day in the long and glorious history of British railways.'Mr Brown said the railways have been essential for Britain and will always be essential to the country.

He said: 'I know some people who think this is not the time to be investing in infrastructure but I believe it is essential to do so and we will be investing £20 billion in our rail infrastructure in the next few years.' HS2, a Government set-up company to look into the feasibility of a north-south high-speed rail line, is due to report to the Government with its findings by the end of this month.

The train that Lord Adonis and Dame Kelly travelled on today was named after the Olympic champion and is one of 29 that will form the high-speed service, running on part of the Channel Tunnel high-speed London to Folkestone line, which is now known as HS1.

Dame Kelly said today: 'I am from Kent so this is a very proud day for me.

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Customers seemed pleased with the new service today, although they are paying more to use it than they would travelling on the 'normal' trains.

Britain's first first full domestic high-speed rail service opened for business this morning - slashing journey times but bumping up ticket prices by around 20 per cent.

A full timetable of the Japanese-built 140mph trains is now running from London to Kent, on sections of the High Speed one (HS1) Channel Tunnel rail link.

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