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According to The Daily Mail, a certain Facebook post from the “lonely single dad,” showed that he had been approached by a casting director from And, had he followed through with the audition, history as we currently know it could be very, very different.

Lives could have changed – for one Sophie Monk might have found true love with the Perth-based tradie or maybe a rejected Telv could have found himself looking for love on Judging by the last-minute timing of the audition, The Daily Mail surmised that perhaps Telv could have been considered to be an intruder, just like the winner of the show – Stu Laundy.

However, the 37-year-old has admitted that her many successes in showbiz may have more to do with the money than a true passion for the arts.

Sophie Monk (Age 38) is an Australian singer, actress and the winner of dating show ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ where she chose Stu Laundy to be her partner!

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Speaking to the Huffington Post, the blonde beauty confessed: 'Pay me enough, I’ll do anything.'She added: 'Literally — I’ve taken my top off for money.'Within a few years, she picked up several high-profile film and television roles - and also earned herself a reputation for her VERY racy performances. adverts in 2006 comedy film Date Movie, performing a bizarre striptease while washing a car, drinking milk and using a drill.

During a cameo in TV series Entourage in 2007, she flaunted her curves in a bikini during a poolside scene - before having steamy sex with Adrian Grenier's character.


  1. Ryan Gallagher's parents play Cupid with the Married At First Sight star and newly single Bachelorette Sophie Monk. on the Channel Nine dating show.

  2. Turns out, The Bachelorette Sophie Monk has been on a reality TV show before in her quest to find love. Let's check out all the pictures.

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