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“If I date in the future, I will probably be open and public about my relationship,” .

Fans of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye believed that the couple is in a relationship after they showed undeniable chemistry on-screen for their drama, “Pinocchio.” In June 2015, the on-screen couple was reported by Dispatch Korea to be in a relationship but they denied the reports saying, they are just co-stars and good friends.

In 2015, Lee Jong Suk revealed that his ideal type was actress Lee Na Young. – His nicknames are Serious Seungwook (진지승욱), Seriousness. – Riho choose Xiweol as a member who is the most handsome in Varsity. – Yunho have the worst fashion sense out of all the members. – Yunho’s ideal type: A short woman with lots of aegyo. – His nickname are Mochi, Glutinous rice cake (찹쌀떡). – The perfect girl is a girl younger than him by one year or older than him by 5 years. – Dawon choose Anthony as the most handsome member in Varsity. The first time I heard she was marrying her leading man in DOTS. Now that I have finished watching it ( which acually took me just 1 and a half days to finish it. Because I was so reluctant to watch it though a lot of my friends told me to watch it. He said that the distinctive talking style of the actress makes her charming that’s why he chose her as his ideal type.In his interview in 2015, Lee Jong Suk shared that he felt empty-hearted that time and he felt nice to get married soon as he was jealous over her “I Can Hear Your Voice” co-star Lee Bo Young who is already married to Ji Sung. (Ranked 64th) – Manny’s ideal type: Long haired, petite, cute girl. Before he entered into acting profession, he went into modelling at the age of 15. XD – Xiweol love it when fans tell him that he looks like “Park Hyoshin” or N from VIXX or “Jinhwan” from i Kon . – Damon chose Xiweol as the member with the worst visuals in Varsity.


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