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From approximately 1980 through 1984, with few exceptions, back brace stamps were used instead of a paper label Original peghead logo Sigma with Greek symbol Σ above until approximately 1975.1975 onward, "Martin style" decal logo stating "Sigma Guitars" with "Est.With the move of production to Korea in 1984, paper labels (of a different design) were reinstated although some early 1984 models still retained the back brace stamp.In 1979 Sigma identified their dreadnought and grand concert guitars as "Second Generation" and the headstock design changed to utilize a gold decal stating "Sigma Guitars" with "Est.

L'tiquette intrieure mentionne: Sigma Guitars By Martin&Co Authorized by C. In the end, a thing is only worth what someone will pay for it.

Martin style peghead with adjustable truss bar through peghead from 1970 through 1979.

Peghead is a unique style that differs from the traditional Martin peghead design Original peghead logo Sigma with Greek symbol Σ above The first year 1970 DR-7 has a zero fret as well as some of the 12-strings.

As for prices, the solid woods fetch more than the laminates (i.e.

Therefore, a Sigma SDR28H Acoustic Guitar, for example, has solid (as opposed to plywood) back and sides (S), a Dreadnought shape (SD), a Rosewood fretboard (SDR), model #28, which compares to the Martin style it copies, although I dont have a comparison list (SDR2, with Herringbone purling . My CS-6, for example, is top-of-the-line, compared to its CS-3 cousin.


  1. Last Serial Number, Year Manufactured, ---, Last Serial Number, Year Manufactured. 8348, 1898, ---, 8716, 1899. 9128, 1900, ---, 9310, 1901. 9528, 1902, ---, 9810. To date your C. F. Martin guitar examine the end of the neck block inside the instrument. The serial number will be stamped below the model designation.

  2. Jan 15, 2018. MARTIN Guitar Serial Numbers & Dating Chart - 1898 - present The Serial number for Martin guitars should be printed on the neck block inside of the guitar. This is where the neck joins the body. Below is a list giving the last number Martin used for each year. 1981-82 Martin Sigma used serial numbers.

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