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“The technique should match the patient, not the other way round,” Dr. “Explaining to a patient what you are going to do and that you are not going to pull their arm at any point is really important to reduce anxiety,” he says.

Instead of supporting underneath the affected limb, he grips the forearm or elbow with gentle but steady pressure, which moves the humeral head back slightly toward its usual position, which reduces the patient's pain.

Within three minutes, the patient's shoulder was back in place. Supporting the affected arm, slowly and gently move the humerus into full adduction.

Gently massage the trapezius and deltoids; this helps to relax the patient and reassures them that the doctor is not going to do anything painful.

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Three common problems often confront beginning and advanced therapists.

“While holding patients' arms waiting for analgesia to be drawn up, I found that I could relieve their pain with positioning and by encouraging them to relax the spasming muscles with a combination of talking and massaging the muscles,” he explains.

With some patients, you'll never get to this point — they're simply too agitated to attempt a technique like this. “Using drugs in these patients is a recognition that muscle relaxation is going to be impossible otherwise, meaning that either your chosen technique will not work, or you will hurt your patient as they fight any movement you attempt,” Dr. “Once you have sedated your patient, it is then important to use a technique suitable for your patient, not just pulling hard.” In Dr.

Wait for the patient to relax fully, and the humeral head will slip back into place.

(Warn the patient that it may feel strange as this happens and not to fight against the movement.) Dr.

Scalp and foot massage, she explained, are two of the most sedating rituals (try it at home: save money and get your guy to give you a scalp massage, or use this totally goofy but relaxing gadget! Aromatherapy and attention to sleep-inducing pressure points rounded out the treatment, and at the end, I wasn't asleep, but I was officially Jell-O.

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  1. Apr 7, 2008. Another very simple way to give your client a unique session is to ask yourself or your client whether they need the massage to be energizing, sedating or penetrating. This follows the three modes of touch from Polarity Therapy. From here you can adjust your work during the session and stay away from.

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