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Scared dating again

(That’s after they deny for some that they have any fear. I know it was for me.) Would you be surprised to know the women who have been widowed after enjoying a good marriage find love (again) much quicker and with far less anxiety? These strong, magnificent women have been through such a horrible experience, yet most have far less hesitation about putting themselves out there again. When these smart, independent, accomplished women come to me for support, almost 100% admit that they are scared of dating.Without trust, your putting a dead end on a future partnership.I know it’s hard when going from one relationship to another, but try to not compare the two partners.

Even though it isn’t easy, it’s crucial that you allow yourself to grieve the previous broken partnership.The worst thing is jumping into a relationship and feeling like you missed out on those single moments.Being single isn’t a time of unhappiness and loneliness. You need to get that single girl or guy time out of your system before you head into a partnership.It’s normal to make sense of your partnership by drawing comparisons — that part is fine.However, the part I’m talking about, is you comparing your ex out loud to your future boyfriend or girlfriend.You’ll want to be sure you’re ready and capable of giving and receiving love.Check your heartbreak baggage at the door and use some of these tips for dating after a broken heart.You can’t carry your past relationship issues onto a future relationship.Keep the ex-baggage where it’s meant to be — in the past.Maybe you don’t need to have that old shirt of your boyfriend’s anymore.Or maybe that poster your girlfriend gave you that’s hanging up is brining you some major negative energy.


  1. You are scared for that expectation not to happen, and it's a normal thing. It's a challenge to you on how to deal with your fear. Dealing with something you are scared of, is a tough thing to face but you must overcome being scared in dating again because by overcoming your fear, there lies success. Success in a way that you.

  2. A bad marriage can lead to fear of dating. If you're afraid to date again, you must read this.

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