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Coming from an admitted drug user, I can't take anything he says seriously.He's friends with Lil' Wayne, so you know he's got to share some of the same views as he does." Every month, they feature Black bachelors that are just waiting to marry we Black she Devils if only we would repent from out wicked wicked waaaaaays! Paula Patton), In a recent interview with MESSENCE magazine, you reportedly implied that Black men walked on water and while Black women needed to make some changes in order to catch-a-man before we die old-and-alone-to-be-eaten-alive-by-nine-cats. Many of these messages will come from other Black people.If only we would lower ourselves to go trolling for men in strip clubs, and prisons and the county clinic (afterall, what a few STIs between friends? In particular, you said "Maybe the women have to take better care of their men. Unfortunately they will come from other Black women like those at ESSENCE. EVAH gon' put you on the cover of ESSENCE magazine.Well, he can keep his black card and can have mine if he wants it.I'm done with this foolishness of treating black women like over 200 years of racism and sexism is our fault.I promptly called her something unpleasant and stated wtf did she care? Thats how you know they would rather here of how youre not doing well, alone, and even suggested I should date some Black guy loser, while they are happily married and living with a purple unicorn. Do Black women worry about what other people think?Just listen to what is being said, nevermind by whom. No seriously, I don't know a Black woman alive who gives a rat's rear end about what other people think. However, it's wrong to say that maybe the WOMEN have to change. Let me get all southern and black on this one: I don't know who or what made Robin Thicke fix his mouth to say something so plumb ignant and stupid. I know double and about half them ain't worth the afterbirth that came after them.

He was hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray by the male-identified women working at your favorite publication and mine, ESSENCE magazine.

You don't have to choose between dignity, self respect, and love and companionship. I remember being told that some black guys think that we are not "adventurous".

We are not freaky enough in bed or we do not like certain types of music. I have attended New york comic con and rock concerts and seen black guys pass over girls like me to talk to women of other races.

This gives me a new found understanding, of what they really think of the audience they're trying to appeal to.

Actually what it shows is white men are no different than black men.


  1. Ebony and Ivory Our Favorite Interracial Celebrity. Paula Patton and Husband Robin Thicke. black love black men and interracial dating black women and.

  2. But the negative comments can be more distressing when they come from family or close friends. White women range from those so intrigued by black men that it veers.

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