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He visits fans at children’s hospitals, invites special guests to attend movie premieres with him, and the rival Chris Evans (a.k.a. “People know Downey as a phenomenal actor, but he’s a really great writer too, he really is,” admitted Evans. Captain America) recently for a lively chat about finding humor in their superhero status, Downey Jr. “Yeah, so that’s the last time I saw your face,” Downey Jr. “It’s just crazy working with him.” “My character’s name isn’t in the title,” Downey Jr. “But it’s just nuts working with someone like Downey where you’re just kind of like, ‘You’re Downey! You would think that having a wife and son would compel the star to clean up his act, but Downey’s case was quite the opposite.By 1996, his substance abuse had escalated, he graduated from weed, cocaine and booze to heroin.At that point, Deborah decided she had to leave him, she could no longer handle his ‘epic binges’.That was not the end of their marriage though, Falconer continued to brave it out through his arrest, imprisonment and release in 2000.See also: Leonardo Di Caprio’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements Robert Downey Jr.has been married to Susan Downey for a little over 10 years now.

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Like his father, he battled drug addictiond for many years until he managed to get sober in 2003.As one of Marvel’s most valuable leading men, Robert Downey Jr. said Evans has come into his own over the last few years, becoming more comfortable with his fame and place in Hollywood — even if he might not admit it outright.frequently uses his superhero connections for good. “Evans plays very low status, he’s extremely shrewd,” he said. He had a previous marriage to Deborah Falconer from 1992-2004.He has three children, one of which is from his first marriage.He likes practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu, painting, and listening to music.His newest interest is doing and perfecting his yoga. Robert has been married to Susan Downey since 2005.We love our Hollywood celebs and we love knowing everything there is to know all about them.We love to know when they were born, where they are from, who they are involved with…Bidding reached ,000 and Downey shouted out, ‘Do you know how much money I made in the last few years?’ He then bought the sculpture and gave it to the lady. ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Downey_Jr.


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