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As Francie breaks away from her friends, she begins to find her self more and more, in the middle of a group of about eight very attractive, muscular, and tanned men, all older than she is, teaching her how to ride those big blue waves.The guys call her Gidget, a cross between Girl and Midget, which is a barrier to Francie in the beginning, because it shows that the guys only see her as a little girl." Mama assures her that she just needs to find the right man. As we watched the movie, my grandmother pointed out things she had thought as a young adolescent girl, and also things that she thought of now that had been difficult to put into words at a young age."That blue of the ocean, oh, even as a young girl, from then on it meant sexuality to me," my grandma confides, as she looks to see that no one else heard her."Those shirts with the hood like you wear today, they were popular back then too." She went on to say that when girls wanted to get clothes like Gidget's, they shopped at Judy's, and that it was "the absolute place! " I could hear her begin to revert to the phrases she used as a teenager as she got excited about the fashions of her childhood.Before the movie began, my Grandma thought about what she remembered most clearly about the movie.My grandmother explained as we watched this film together, that this movie was what "made me look at those things in a different way.I had more interest in boys at the end of the movie!

See full summary » After spending the last two years in Europe as an exchange student, Gidget returns home to California only to discover that things have changed. See full summary » Due to an accident while swimming in the sea, Francis meets the surfer Moondoggy.

She's fascinated of his sport and starts to hang out with his clique.

Although they make fun of her at first, they teach her to surf.

In desperation, she turns to her mother, but the advice she receives may do more harm than good.

Tammy leaves the river in Mississippi to attend college, developing a relationship with Tom Freeman (John Gavin). Call's heart condition acts up, Tammy tags along in the trip to Los Angeles when the old lady is getting her surgery.


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