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Resume for starting data dating company liquidating value of preferred stock

Simple logic applies here – don't include your work phone number or email address.Use your own personal email address or create a new account specifically for your job search, especially if your current email address is something like [email protected] would you like me spending my time over the next week?

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” If the problem continues after that, then say this: “I’m really eager to get to work.Whether you include these personal details at the start or end of your CV is up to you. If you’ve held several jobs over a short period, and don’t explain the changes on your resume, you might look like a “job hopper” to recruiters and hiring managers.“Companies are not interested in wasting their time or money professionally developing a candidate that has not had a successful career track,” says Mr. Nancy Vasquez, 49 years old, has sensed that hiring managers are wary of her job history. Vasquez, who lives in New York City, has held five positions in the last eight years and says that her “jumpy background” may be slowing her search. First outline the collective number of years of experience in your field in a sentence such as, “Eight-plus years marketing experience with expertise in database, planning and writing.” “The eight years feels cohesive even though it might have been with five different companies,” says Karen Schaffer, a career consultant in Halifax, Nova Scotia and author of “The Complete Book of Resumes: Simple Steps for Writing a Powerful Resume.” According to a study done by Human Resource Services Inc., a human-resources management-consulting firm in Milwaukee, candidates who averaged less than three years per job during their first 10 years were 65% more likely to leave their next job within three years. Avoid a bullet list of jobs on your resume by fleshing out your three or four most recent positions and creating a summary of previous employment section for prior jobs.To get into the interview seat, your resume should convince recruiters that you won’t be a short-term investment. Use the summary statement to allay the concern that you may also leave prematurely by including a phrase like “seeking a long-term role in,” says Mark Bartz, partner of Exe Careers Inc., a career-advancement company in Tampa, Fla. Provide a collective start and end date for the previous employment section, instead of start and end dates for each job, says Mr. “The eye only sees one date and it reduces the sense of job hopping,” he says. If you choose to forego a summary of previous employment, it’s important for your job changes to tell a story. If your position changed as a result of a merger or acquisition or you are a contract worker, explain it on your resume. Removing months when you date each position can give the illusion that you worked in positions longer than you have.Divert attention to your skills rather than your tenure by listing dates on the right side of your resume instead of the left, says Ms. Under the list of responsibilities, create a section listing each employer, title and start and end dates in reverse chronological order, says Ms. I am a recent graduate who has just started my first job.It may seem an obvious thing to say, but the ' Personal Details' section of your CV is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer.Get the basics wrong at this stage and you can wave goodbye to the chances of getting an interview.If you're having issues getting interviews, try removing it from your CV to see if it has a positive impact.With the exception of government positions, which may require this information, your nationality should be omitted.


  1. College of Communication. Career Services. Résumé Samples. 640 Commonwealth Avenue • Boston, MA 02215 • 617/353-3490 • [email protected] Course Name. • Course Name. List Undergraduate College or University. City, State. Degree. Date Received. • Related awards or honors can be mentioned here.

  2. Free Tutorial When writing your resume employment history helps prospective employers understand your background. Get free tips here.

  3. May 20, 2013. A superior approach is to instead analyze it carefully, because data can help you understand why so many applicants simply can't land a job. If you can bear with me. Although it varies with the company and the job, on average 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening. Finding a position.

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