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Raila dating shebesh Trial hot phone chat

Sonko allegedly was not too pleased that Shebesh was on phone for long with the former premier and he tried wresting the phone, a red Samsung S3, from Shebesh.The Nairobi women’s representative tried to resist and in the process, sprained her wrist as Sonko prised the phone from her hand.Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has taken a lead in the race to be the Jubilee Party candidate for the capital city’s governor’s seat.

We have compiled all the information and pictures you need to see about Sonko and Shebesh affair from around the web in this single post.“They are always together everyday, if not they will be on phone for considerable periods” said the County Assembly man who didn’t want to be caught discussing his seniors.Come Wednesday evening Mike Sonko went to parliament buildings for a meeting and bumped into Rachel Shebesh who was in the company of three county assembly members, Mark Ndungu, Mugo Abdul Aziz and Janet Maina.Five days later, the two met at National Prayer breakfast hosted by President Uhuru and they avoided each other.“Even you, at one time or another you have disagreed with your sister.Disagreement is a challenge; it doesn’t happen to cars or trees, it happens to people and it happened to me,” said Sonko.Parliamentary rules stipulate that the bar should closed at 11pm."I have warned you before about discussing the President and government issues with Raila. ," Sonko is heard asking Shebesh as he confronted her in Parliament with recordings of her phone calls.Shebesh is heard on a recording earlier that evening asking the county rep to enter Parliament through the main gate opposite County Hall.In the senatorial race, Johnson Sakaja is ahead with 55,562 votes against Mutinda Kavemba’s 5,174 votes. In the Woman Representative contest, Rachael Shebesh has also taken the lead with 33,658 votes with Millicent Omanga coming in second with 18,621 votes.Karen Nyamu has garnered an impressive 12,172 votes.Sonko then threw the phone against the wall, before stamping on it, breaking the phone to pieces.A verbal confrontation ensued and the two parted ways.


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