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■ Vastly Improved CRT Display The new Ferguson SBC uses a 6845 CRT controller and SMC 8002 video attributes controller to produce a display rivaling the display of quality terminals.

There are three display modes: Character, block-graphics, and line-graphics.

Then if they become interest- ed in how their operating system is put together or how to modify it, they become candidates for Micro C (hoo- ray for new candidates).

So we will be running some get-up- to-speed articles.

The first memory bank has eight 4 164 DRAMs that provide 60K of user space and 4K of monitor space.

The board emulates an ADM-31 with 24 lines of 80 characters formed by a 7x9 dot matrix.

■ STD Bus The new Ferguson computer has an STD Bus port for easy system expansion.

Postmaster: Send address change to Micro Cornucopia, PO Box 223, Bend, OR 97709. Spreadsheets and editors are get- ting "friendlier," which means the user is having less and less contact with the operating system and the hardware.

(That's why we're getting calls from folks trying to boot up a disk under Word Star.) Magazines such as User's Guide and Profiles can help these people use their software and their operating system.


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