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The animal could not stop leaping on his master, wagging his tail, and crying in small barks of joy.

Finally, the man made it to an easy chair where the animal jumped on top of him, crying dog tears because the man he had waited so patiently for had at last returned.

He can easily distinguish between the use and abuse of spiritual gifts.” God’s gifts are real and Paul’s confidence rests in the Giver, who is worthy of thanks for these gifts, even when they’re being misused.

Apply the Word Getting a personal letter in one’s physical mailbox is a thrill.

The wait may seem long as we serve God in this fallen world, but He has promised us His Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us “blameless” to the end (v. Apply the Word Faithfulness is a characteristic that pleases God. Paul suggests here that when we serve God with our spiritual gifts, we are following Him well. 1 Corinthians 1:4–9 Thanksgiving: Gratitude for the Way Christ Enriches Lives Today in the Word A 2011 survey by the United States Postal Service indicated that the typical American home receives a personal letter—not including greeting cards or invitations—once every seven weeks. A stream of advertisements still arrives; but personal letters have largely been replaced by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

In Paul’s days, letter writing was the only option if you wanted to send a message to far-flung friends.

These God-given gifts are evidence of the faith within us and of our relationship with Him.

We are not to sit aimlessly waiting for Christ’s return, but rather we should be serving Him with the abilities He has given us. Notice the dynamic here: while we are remaining faithful, God is keeping us “firm” in our faith so we do not stumble and sin. If not, can you find a way to exercise those abilities as you wait for His return?

In today’s passage, Paul directed his thanksgiving to God for the gifts of grace He had given the Corinthians—“all kinds of speech and with all knowledge” (v. This was an interesting choice for Paul; as the letter continues, it becomes clear these very gifts were at the root of the problems causing discord within the Corinthian church.Consider taking time today to hunt down paper, an envelope, a stamp, and a pen and bless a fellow believer’s life with a prayerful note.Perhaps you can write about a way in which your friend’s faith has encouraged you.In fact, his tone is confident and expectant, because his hope for the Corinthians is rooted firmly in the unwavering faithfulness of God.Despite all their problems, Paul knows that in the end, they will be declared blameless on the day of Jesus’ return.As the practice of spanking children has declined in segments of the American population, parents admitted that they resorted to yelling and shouting instead.Now they wondered if that was really better than corporal punishment.Unity is so important to the success of the cause of Christ that Paul pleaded with the believers in Corinth to eliminate division and to work as one.In our ministry efforts, are we striving to work together in harmony?It might seem that Paul was using sarcasm when he thanked God for qualities he then went on to critique.But this fails to appreciate the range of Paul’s thought. believes in, practices, and celebrates the reality of God’s spiritual gifts.


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