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Punishment for dating in islam Wabcam no credit card

Judicial caning, ordered as part of a criminal sentence imposed by civil courts on male criminals, is the most severe of the three types of caning.It is always ordered in addition to a prison sentence for adult offenders.

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In 2009, the Malaysian parliament revealed 34,923 foreigners were caned between 20.

The practice of judicial caning was retained as a form of legal penalty after the Federation of Malaya declared independence from Britain in 1957.

It is largely a legacy of British colonial rule and has nothing to do with "Islamic justice" even though the majority of the Malaysian population are Muslims.

Unlike in Singapore, foreigners who overstay their visa in Malaysia are not sentenced to caning.

Although the Malaysian government does not release overall figures of the number of offenders sentenced to caning every year, in 2010 Amnesty International used statistical sampling to estimate that as many as 10,000 prisoners were caned in a year.


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