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Pua best online dating profiles Dating site a z without credit card

I mean, it was amusing to read but it just goes over the edge of try-hard. Someone who can turn water into wine, heal the sick, and raise the dead would be ideal. I would like to see statistics on how this ad worked next to some other ones. A couple of observations: - Swearing in online profiles can be seen as low class. There's thousands of words to choose from out there - be creative. The thing about girls and online profiles is that they are scanning through, looking for their ideal man, not someone like their asshole ex-boyfriend who treated them like dirt. After all, wine goes great with dinner, and who makes better company than the sick and the dead? If it's right, and they're real lucky, one of them will say something." The most private thing I’m willing to admit here: I've broken a heart and had my heart broken. You should message me if: You have something interesting to say/discuss, you are a genuinely good person, or you are gorgeous. (I've saved the best for last) I don't bullsh*t my way through life. I loaded this and bam not 10 minutes later a decent female wanted to meet me.Ideally, it'd be great if you exhibited a combination of the three Hello, I'm Roger "The Dodger" Dodger. This is THE most impressive profile I've ever seen -- it's mine. I generally frown on texting while driving, but texting while in the throes of passion is definitely a deal breaker. I am like a half-retarded Indiana Jones, Will Hunting, and Van Wilder rolled into one. I'm not for beginners, and if you are a beginner, I recommend gaining some entry-level experience with the illiterate knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers in my "Similar Users" box.

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Go hop on a plane and enjoy your time in Paris with Fabio, OK? I really don't.) [Edit: Now the bitches are saying that if I didn't care, I wouldn't devote any space to mentioning the French bastard. A couple of feminazi's messaged me to just call me out for being such a dick. Shoot me a message, and if it seems we'd get along in some capacity, we'll go out there, make an awful lot of noise, and rock the fuck out. I've had very good success with and other sites but maybe the population on OKCupid is a little different and I'm in a new geography. Onoma, in my opinion the ad you posted crosses the line from cocky/funny to just being an asshole, but that's just me. My rule of thumb is to take any statement made on email and divide it's wording impact in half so that you don't blow someone's face off. Now, rather than refer to 30 years' worth of research found in academic journals on social psychology and behaviour modification, I'll just sit here all smug and shit and point out that if you read my profile and don't message or reply to the Dodger, it's because you're some combination of train wreck, stupid, insecure, and boring. Since the Dodger is aware that the vast majority of women on online-dating sites are meet-nobody attention whores who are here for only ego-propping, validation, and therapy (that includes YOU until proven otherwise, sugar lips! - "I'm a highly successful online dater" in my eyes translates to "this guy is just looking for an easy way to score chicks to fuck." Again, women are looking for Mr. ), I have only one small request: DO NOT MESSAGE THE DODGER OR REPLY TO THE DODGER IF YOU SUCKY DUCKY WHEN IT COMES TO A BATTLE OF WITS. It doesn't FIT on one screen, because it doesn't BELONG on one screen. I love adventure and travel and have done so somewhat extensively. I've carefully constructed my profile along psychological principles to weed out women whom most men don't want, and the result has been that I've been meeting some really incredible women who are genuinely attractive, intelligent, confident, and playful. I spent the better part of last year in Mexico, where I developed an affinity for Spanish. I have lived in several great cities, from Miami to New York to San Francisco, have had a variety of professional (and not-so-professional) occupations, and have attended several (good) universities. (Look, the bitches are constantly asking me about this, so I'll say it once and once only: The guy in first place lives in Paris, writes poetry, and tames white tigers. I think the asshat is a complete douche, a girly-man, but if that's your thing, then good luck to you. I may be the last guy on earth who isn't a chump, or doesn't secretly dress in drag. After all, since I'm betting 50-to-1 that you are too timid, socially anxious, neurotic, and downright paranoid to get away from boring text on the computer screen and actually meet a flesh-and-blood person, your conversational skills had better be worth it. And I should warn you that even if you stand your ground in the battle of wits, sweetness, you'll be completely confused whether you want to kiss me passionately or slap me silly. I'm smarter, more cunning, more challenging, and have more super powers than every woman on this site.


  1. Steps Of Online PU. When I first started learning PU, one thing I tried early on was the personals. best online dating profile PUA google page 1

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