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Philippine girls dating marriage

I want to meet her and spend some time with her and see how she is. I have been married to a lady from the Philippines for 18 years and live part of the year in the Philippines and the rest in the US.

I'm not going to get married right away but if I do can we get married over there or does it have to be in the states? I know of many happily married people in the same situation but you will get out of it what you put into it.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.So if she divorces me that's fine as long as I don't get screwed.I'm thinking about flying over there to meet this girl I've been corresponding with online.I've never been to the Philippines so I need some guidance. I've thinking about going to the Philippines to meet a girl.I want to meet her and spend some time with her and see how she is. I know what the deal is, she like many others want to marry a western guy to live a better life she may be desperate.I'm fully aware of this, and after much thought I really don't mind.I'm not that old (33 ) and I'm a decent looking guy so there's a possibility that she might actually be somewhat attracted to me.DO NOT wear expensive items because we stand out enough as it is, so a fancy watch or gold chain could get you killed in a country where people may be making only a dollar to a few dollars a day.If someone does demand your items/money better to give it than die since illegal guns are all over the place.In other words it might be hard to not cheat while in the Philippines since many ladies will flirt with you, but if you are not a butterfly and stay with just her and treat her well and if she goes into the relationship for the right reasons and not just to find a meal ticket but that may still be part of it, then she will probably stay with you for life.You can get married over there but it will require original copies of all things such as birth certificates, divorce certificates and then religion may come into play if she wishes to get married in a church, so baptismal etc and you will have to take classes before you can marry.


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