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I think they were just glad to see someone with an interest in him get him.So what do "Big Mama" and "Big Daddy" have to do with "Pastel" Boas?Anyhow I was pretty sure I had a female and needed a male.It had been their sons but he was gone to college and had lost interest in the animal.

I named him after my very fair skinned little brother.About six months after I purchased her I was visiting my Grandmother in the Chicago area.I purchased a local classified ad paper called "Trading Times".There was an add in the "Exotic Pets" section for a six foot Boa for 0.17, 1986 about PM Big Mama gave birth to the first Boas I ever had or I should say that she ever had.However when the pair first hooked up, it didn't come without some drama.It started with something on radio and it slowly progressed, and then I said something sarcastic and then it all went into this one web,’ he told the Hot Hits.The Boa was in a 55-gallon aquarium with a screen lid.Petrified poop in the corner and at least six shed skins strewn around the enclosure.He explained Boas and Pythons have vestigial limbs or spurs, which I knew already from my reading.This was the year of our great country's bi-centennial.


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