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Many people have insinuated that the celebrity could be addicted to plastic surgery.The more she changes her looks, the worse she becomes.It is more inclined to one side now an aspect that has made it the talk of the internet.Her unfortunate condition has generated debates on different forums online.It has worried her fans and even critics are now taking a softer approach to see whether anything can be done to change Park Bom’s approach to plastic surgery.There are fears that if she continues that way, she may end up attracting diseases related to plastic surgeries and radioactive exposure.The rumored chin implant seems to have failed miserably.

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Park Bom also fell into the same trap and found herself procuring surgical procedures in order to remain relevant.I actually feel sorry for Park Bom because it appears she is suffering from plastic surgery addition. Her 2nd/3rd set made her double eyelids look like a mixture of tapered and parallel double eyelids.4th set her crease looked more like the typical caucasian/east asian double eyelid.Park Bom plastic surgery is another case of an awful operation that instead of enhancing her looks, it destroyed them. It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never experience to stalk someone like you.. You've always make s proud of you ,even though were just a fan . And the chemistry between you and Hyeri was so damn good that i wanted to see you together again in a drama or movie. park bo gum, i've known you since reply 88 and i fall in love with your charisma, choi taek. Everyday, I watch your drama "moonlight drawn by clouds"its so lovable. I always feel good and lighthearted after watching over and over again your sweet scenes with Ra On. In fact, we are very much Happy because you also inspired us to your beautiful journey.. I love the way you speak,,sing,, the way you smile ,, i love your eyes,, i love seeing you act in dramas ,your acting skill are amazing! Sincerely, Your fan/supporter from the Philippines hi there..... I can't wait to see more of him, I have a feeling he's gonna be big really soon and it's not just a one hit wonder situation here, I feel like he's gonna go places! Joo Won looked like a good actor paying a conductor with the nuances of a conductor and a pianist spot on BUT this boy looked like a real or a musician roped in to play a role in a drama. His performance conducting Mambo was extraordinary. Moreover, the quieter moments are intense but thoughtful. Btw, the girl co-staring him on Runaway Cops was as well really beautiful ! His cute and charming personalities, so many celebs says he has warm and innocent personalities, PBG always shows his dedication for people who mature than him. Take good care my bogummy Everything about you is worth it. Recently i've been watching Reply 1988 and i was captivated by your innocent yet charming act. I have repeatedly watched the 18 episodes, and still i couldn't get enough of the beauty of the story as acted out by very good actors like you and Yoon Jung. first of all, i just want to say thank you for inspiring me & all of us to your life by sharing your best personality as an actor & ordinary person... To My dearest Park Bo Gum i just wanna let you know that i love you so much! The way he delivered emotions throughout his scenes are really good. I've mad respect for versatile actors because it takes a lot to study a character and play it without missing some points but he does it so well! His performance of conducting Mambo and playing the Cello was just too real. His acting otherwise was quite good but when he was playing the Cello or conducting, his expressions were just too real much much much thousand miles better than Joowon's. Park Bo Gum is the best actor in Naeil's Cantabile, and there are some great actors in that drama. The energy level heightens when the camera is on him. When i first saw him on Runaway cops i was astonished ! We didn't get to see him a lot in that movie, and now with wonderful mama I can get plenty of that handsomeness.What kind of plastic surgery could she have undergone?Chin implant This is the operation that has got many people talking.It became so serious that at one time a fan told her to stop the surgeries because they were destroying her beautiful looks.Her face looks frozen and the tightened skin looks so unnatural.i heard that he turn down offer for the role son oh gong in hwayugi. I really cant imagine how he would pull off SOG character in the drama.seunggi is perfect for SOG since he has been in such charcter fot his preivous drama.. You are so awsome and your face is so damn beautiful (sorry for cussing But i am just trying to explain My feelinga ^.^ ) so Oppa Fighting i want you to have more dramas i of course want you as lead role I believe in you Fighting i am your no.1 fan park bo gum because all your performed in any drama series is all succesfull, i want to see you in personal but i know it won't happen anymore so i will just still support you and kim yoo jung i hope you will be good couple in personal because of your good chemistry and i hope too, you will have a same drama again with kim yoo jung because i always love both of you#LITM # love you boyoo Hi Park Bo Gum ?? I love the style and I love the koreanovela Entittled "Love in the Moonlight it was a good and i love the way you smile your so cute so sweet and when you do the "Boombastic video its make me laugh so much . It makes me smile,laugh and cry Hope you will visit our country PHILIPPINES Hope to meet you personally and time to chat Saranghaeyo oppa❤❤ Love at first episode I've never been this addicted to a Korean actor. annyeonghasaeyo oppa.oppaga jongmal're the best male actor in my life.i get to see you in person in the future i will be the happiest person in the world..n your acting is the best..saranghae........... reading all the comments and i have to agree with syifei... he is really talented HANDSOMEly cute Annyeonghaseo!! A heart hardened by past, protected by shields so vast. Please continue making your fans happy by your acting. I think I am your first Indian fan and I am gradually learning a Little bit of Korean I have seen only dramas of yours namely love in the moonlight, hello monster,wonderful mama,the coin locker girl and reply 1988 I also love your voice I hope you visit India and my city Kolkata Thank you Best wishes from India Oppa you are My youngest Oppa, you are just so talented you really really really have the talent and i really really really Love you you can be Someone who is so cute like a doll and you can be so dramatik sad with your beautifull eye. Hope you can visit again Philippines to meet your fans here. I hope that you will continued being kind, humble, thoughtful, respectful, talented, gentleman, cute? We're always here for you to support everytime you need us or not. How I wish i can meet you one day and tell you all this in person even if its too impossible... Annyeong Haseyo Park Bo-Gum , Im Jelly I am an avid fan of Korean historical dramas and cultures, I love all the koreanovela that was showed on the television and after work i used to watch of the koreanovela and i collecst some of it . I really love your smile,it inspires me to continue to study your language even if it is hard for me to do so, I really admire you I hope you will notice me oppa even if it is too impossible hehe After watching the Love In The Moonlight episodes I can't help to watch it all over again. It's funny how I skipped the drama to Park Bo-Gum's parts which was imo very less but the best. HOPE HE HAS A GREAT SUCCESSFUL CAREER AHEAD OF HIM.


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