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The couple’s designs are inspired by the people, animals, and the natural environment of Alaska and recall the stories told to Denise by her Alaskan grandmother.

Respected singers, storytellers, artists, elders, and scholars from Native cultures throughout the Americas were invited to the museum to choose objects of personal meaning to them.

In this evocative blend of first-person narratives, stunning illustrations, and historic photographs, Native voices celebrate American Indian cultures and their perseverance in the contemporary landscape.

The art of contemporary Inuvialuit artist Abraham Anghik Ruben explores the social, cultural, and spiritual lives of his Inuvialuit (Inuit) ancestors and the influences of Viking adventurers and Norse settlers who came to the North American Arctic.

is an illustrated overview of the intricate sculptural jewelry created by Denise Wallace (Chugach Aleut) and her non-Native husband and partner, Samuel Wallace.


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