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Online dating abbreviations

” when it’s used on the web—especially if you’re about to embark on an online battle with your gaming partners.Right before a game starts, or when you’re about to take down the final boss you’ll see 555 (ゴー、ゴー、ゴー!- go, go, go!If a dance parody is no longer popping up everywhere on You Tube or if everyone’s heartthrob is no longer appearing in movies, then they’re probably オワコン.KY KY is an abbreviation of 空気読めない (くうき よめない), which means someone who can’t read the air or mood.

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Example: Player 1: プレーヤー2、おめ (ぷれーやー2、おめ – Player 2, congrats.) Player 3: 2さん、おめ (2 san, congrats.) Player 2: あり ^^ (Thanks.)あり If you looked at the example above, you may have noticed that Player 2 says “あり” after being congratulated by fellow players. In my experience on the web, this is used mostly in games as a short “thanks,” but you may still spot it on message boards.こn A common and quick greeting, こn (こん) is short for こんにちは (hello).

Don’t confuse 名無しさん for a ROM (ろむ- read-only member), a person who reads website content, but doesn’t make any comments or posts.ズッ友 Have you ever been on Facebook or Instagram and seen a #bff or #friends4life tag or sticker? ズッ友 is a combination of ずっと (forever) and 友達 (ともだち – friend), making it equivalent to (best) friends forever.

A lot of girls use this in photos when tagging their friends.

Well actually, instead of “just kidding,” the internet acronym “ stands for 女子高生 (じょしこうせい – high school girl) in the Land of the Rising Sun.

I spend more time than I’d like to admit roaming the internet, ghosting my favorite blogs and watching hours worth of tear-jerking Japanese dramas and cat videos on You Tube.


  1. Japanese Online Personalities and Personas. No matter where you are in the world, there will always be internet trolls or annoying anons gracing message boards. Here's a list of some common internet personalities that you'll run into. 名無しさん – Anon; ズッ友 – Bff; オワコン – Out-of-date contents; KY – A person who can't.

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