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Ok to call guy dating

The objective is to maintain your sanity, and your emotional state.There is nothing more unattractive than an insecure woman projecting her insecurities on a man.If you’re anxious about not hearing from the guy that you like, this is what you need to know when waiting for him to contact you. So if you’ve just met someone, take good inventory of your emotions.Have you ever heard of a thing called ‘the three day rule? If you meet a guy observing this rule, don’t freak. Ask yourself why you’re so invested, in a stranger? If you’ve been dating a guy for awhile, and he doesn’t call or text when he says he will don’t freak out. We didn’t talk it over, and we didn’t try to see each other again.

If the man you’re dating, or really into, doesn’t call when you expect him to then don’t feel obligated to answer when he does call. Or are you frustrated because you like him so much and he’s making you feel worthless? Then maybe you need to accept you’re being needy or impatient.He’s risking you losing interest by his unreliable behavior.What most women tend to do however is become upset by the lack of communication.This non-call reminds you that you’re invested in someone who isn’t as invested in you. What really matters is how you feel when you’re with him.It reminds you that you need someone else’s attention to feel worthy. Your value is not based on someone else’s attention. More importantly, you have to let it not bother you. You don’t need his call or attention to feel good about yourself, or the relationship. What matters is if this process feels good to you or not.If he’s not calling or texting because he’s not interested then don’t compromise your values to be with someone who isn’t investing in you.It’s ok to give a man every chance in the world to do the right thing.I am grateful to have such loyal readers who contribute great questions to me.But I have a confession to make: I don’t answer every question that comes into my inbox.If he shows a blatant disregard for phone etiquette, keep it moving. But if he isn’t calling you, it doesn’t always mean he’s not into you.He might be unaware that calls are important you to.


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