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Objectdatasource updating event args

The problem I'm having is that when I try to view the page in the browser, the following error comes back:"Procedure 'usp_Select Customers...

Updating objectdatasources with strongly typed datasets Ok, I have a simple webservice that has two functions, public Event Data Set Get Event( int event Id ) and public Event Data Set Update Events( Event Data Set events ).

I have created an objectdatasource that uses the Get Event function as the select function and the Update Events as the update and insert function.

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The Object Data Source doesn't have a object strongly-typed OM the way a strongly-typed dataset does, so you have to go through the dictionaries it uses to set parameters.This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. NET stored procedures in SQL Server 2005 (as other internal software clients must use it as well). The question is; is this possible (and if so, what...The DAL layer will, if possible, be implemented with Strongly Typed Data Sets and its Table Adapters. Using Strongly-Typed Datasets with the Gridview and Data Source controls I have a few observations I'd like to share on my experience with the Data Source controls and Strongly Typed Data Sets.In 2003 i've dragged my stored procedure into a new dataset, this worked fine.When i come to fill the dataset (or more correctly the datatable i created) i get issue.Generic strongly typed Data questions I've noticed that stronly typed Data when you create it, you have 3 options. NET Stored Procedures Soon we will start a new software project, which will contain a website, webservice, a BLL project and a DAL project.They are: Table Adapter Data Table Query I know what those are in the context of ADO. Try this links it would help u Typed remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you. The logic and data access projects will not only be used from within the webapplication/VS solution, but should also be used from .This project has the previous project as a reference.a Business Tier which has my methods for selecting & updating data.This has the previous two projects set as a reference.a Presentation Tier which has the previous 3 projects as a reference.Problem with Object Data Source and Strongly Typed Datasets I have the following tiers set up:a DB I/O tier for DB callsa Strongly Typed Dataset tier which contains the datasets.Any project can now access these datasets simply by creating a reference to it.


  1. Updating objectdatasource. Luckily I accidentally found the right way to do it while looking at the Event Args class properties for the Selected.

  2. Updating objectdatasource. 904 Comments. The parameter's source could be specified declaratively. Object Data Source Selecting Event Args.

  3. Issue with Update Command in gridview. How shall I proceed in the Updating Event so that when I. My issue comes from the Updating Event on the ObjectDataSource.

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