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Non muslim man dating a muslim woman accomodating and

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As for why Islam allows a Muslim man to marry a Christian or Jewish woman, it’s clear that every Muslim believes in Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them) and he holds all the Prophets of Allah in high esteem.

” This question is often asked, and before we even get into any explanations of why this is allowed not not allowed, I want to say that for us Muslims, the bottom line is, are we willing to submit to Allah or not?

Do we recognize that Allah is infinitely wiser than us, that He knows our inner natures, that He loves us and legislates for us in a way to make our lives easier?

Some of them are: To each of these questions there are clear and obvious answers, and I have answered all of them at some point on our sister website, But I’ll try Insha’Allah to put together a comprehensive article on the subject.

Let me also point out that Muslim men must think very carefully about marrying non-Muslim women, and make sure that what they are doing is not haram. For more about that, see Muslim Men in the West Should Think Carefully Before Marrying Outside the Faith.


  1. As of relationship which does not involve any haram interaction See Relationship according to Quran or Courtship and dating in a Muslim man who has engaged in pre-marital sex marry a virgin woman? 2. Limits of sex with non-Muslim wife? 1.

  2. A non muslim girl wants to loves a muslim guy and has decided to marry him. she is also ready to accept islam. does islamPublished Date 2010-07-07if the woman who wants to marry a Muslim man is not one of the people of the Book, then it is not permissible for a Muslim to marry her.

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  4. If God would have said no to a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim man, it would have been muslim woman dating a non muslim man in the Quran, there is not even an inference.

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