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This is especially true if the default passwords created by the manufacturer are left on the system.A backdoor is used by hackers to install malware for the purpose of stealing information from a network such as company trade secrets or customer financial data.Travelling via a Wrinkling of Time, she is transported to worlds beyond imagination where she must confront a powerful evil force.

The order is part of an ongoing investigation regarding an act of terrorism in San Bernardino, California, in December—an order Apple CEO Tim Cook described as "an unprecedented step" that "threatens the security" of Apple's customers.

In particular, the report’s authors arrived at four observations, echoing the arguments of Comey’s prior opponents: Weakening encryption goes against the national interest because it would damage cybersecurity and the tech economy; encryption is widely available and often open-source, such that U. legislation would not prevent bad actors from using the technology; there is no one-size-fits-all fix for the challenges that encryption poses for law enforcement; and that greater cooperation and communication between companies and law enforcement will be important going forward and should be encouraged.

As next steps, they suggest further investigation into avenues other than backdoors that can help address the challenges that encryption poses to government investigators, including working to ensure that all levels of law enforcement have the information and technical capacity they need to make full use of the wide variety of data that is available to them even without backdoors.

Rather, as that new report from the House working group investigating the encryption issue recognizes, having the “adult” conversation about encryption means talking about how law enforcement can adapt to a world where encryption is more common, rather than wrongheadedly forcing the technology to adapt to law enforcement’s needs.

To Comey, being “adult” about encryption apparently means agreeing with his conclusion that the existence of unbreakable encryption—for example, the full-disk encryption that protects your i Phone against anyone who doesn’t have your passcode, or the end-to-end encryption that protects your i Messages and Whatsapp texts as they cross the internet—poses an unacceptable threat to law and order.


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